Welcome to Letterlyn

What once was a calligraphy and wedding business, now turns personal, bookish and full of adventure. Join me, or don't - this is just for fun.


I am Evelyn Cunningham. I used to own a calligraphy design studio as my “side hustle,” but I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, it wore me down. I closed my business. Now, I am focusing on enjoying my life and my career in education.

The truth is, I liked my domain name. Evelyn + [calligraphy] letters = Letterlyn. I think it is cool. I don’t want to let go of it. So, Letterlyn becomes Evelyn’s Letters. I plan on sharing whatever I feel like on this site – so be prepared for the random.

Some subject possibilities: dogs, books, outdoor adventures, crafts, philosophical pondering on the state of our education system. Should be… fun?

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